Technology plays a pivotal role in enabling Concrete India stick to its victory race. It manufactures high quality ready-mixed concretes at its automatic batching and mixing plants. No human hands are used in the production process. From raw materials handing to transportation of finished products.

Consistency in QualityNoYes
Mix as per is code456/2000NoYes
Man Power required is lessNoYes
Environment ConsciousNoYes
No need to stock MaterialNoYes
Saves lot of TimeNoYes
Saving in CostNoYes
Difficult work can be executed easilyNoYes
Quality control on Raw MaterialNoYes
Laboratory test results for concreteNoYes
Technical AssistanceNoYes
Operated by Technical StaffNoYes
Operated 24hoursNoYes
Cement directly supplied from Cement PlantNoYes
Fast execution of workNoYes
Certified group to Produce Quality ConcreteNoYes